Our Mission

The Onalaska High School Alumni Association was established in 2008 with a mission to promote the ongoing development and welfare of the high school and its students. All alumni, current and former staff, and friends of Onalaska High School are encouraged to support and show a continued interest in their alma mater. The board of directors has established goals to provide opportunities for meaningful environment in the ongoing development of the high school by:

  • recognizing and financially supporting student achievements and successes through the development of a scholarship fund,
  • providing additional assistance to high school staff and faculty for professional development,
  • scheduling interactive events that include alumni and current students, and by
  • expanding this web site in order to effectively ┬ácommunicate with our members.

The Onalaska High School Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Board of Directors

Jerry Sjolander - Class of 1959President
Ron Johnson - Activities Director (Retired)Vice President
Paul Jacobson - Class of 1996Treasurer
Eunice (Prieur) Christensen - Class of 1968Secretary
Erik Sjolander - Class of 1992
Erik Sjolander - Class of 1992Past President
Jared Schaffner - PrincipalBoard Member
Peter Woerpel - Principal (Retired)
Peter Woerpel - Principal (Retired)Board Member
Victoria (Williams) Carter - Class of 1999Board Member
Debra (Rude) Jecklin - Class of 1972Board Member
Sue (Gofus) Blank - Class of 1970Board Member
Casey (Kennedy) Schroeder - Class of 1967Board Member