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    Please complete as much of this nomination form as possible. The information provided is presented to the selection committee as part of the annual selection process. If the person you are nominating is deceased please type "deceased" in each of the contact information (address, email, phone, etc) that are required.

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    Definitions: Alum is anyone who attended Onalaska High School. Must be out of school at least 10 years to be eligible. Former faculty member or administration - anyone who served Onalaska High School in that capacity. Must be retired or no longer employed by the School District of Onalaska a minimum of five years to be eligible. Community member - can be anyone in the City of Onalaska that has shown commitment, contribution and/or support towards Onalaska High School to be eligible.
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    Why you feel this person should be inducted: Please include any outstanding achievements, accomplishments, education, occupation, honors, awards, volunteerism or service by this individual or any other information that you feel would support your nomination.

    Other references available to contact regarding this nominee. (Please list) If the individual being nominated is deceased please provide any contact information on relatives we may contact for more information.

    If you prefer to submit an anonymous nominee do not enter your name, telephone number or e-mail address. Note: If you make an anonymous nomination and nominee cannot be reached based on information submitted, no additional attempts will be made.

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